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  • For $5.00 or more

    Permanent Thank You, with your name on our website as a supporter of open data.
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  • For $15.00 or more

    I just want to browse: 1 YEAR OF UNLIMITED SEARCHES using the web portal that we are building for browsing the data set ($30 after Medstartr)
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  • For $60.00 or more

    CODE THE CHANGE SHIRT: The t-shirt will feature the phrases: "I hacked the healthcare graph" and "code the change you want to see in the world".
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  • For $120.00 or more

    OPEN SOURCE DATA PURCHASE: You will get the entire database under an Open Source Eventually (viral) data license. This will give you access to everything, but you will not be able to integrate this data with any data that you are unwilling to release. See the text for what we mean by "Eventually".
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  • For $125.00 or more

    The t-shirt and the data: If you want a t-shirt and the open source data, that will cost you.
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  • For $300.00 or more

    A limited edition print, celebrating the release of this data set, from renowned patient artist Regina Holiday. Her art frequently goes for $5k at auction, so these should almost immediately be worth more than you paid for them. Plus they are dripping with awesome. And, you still get a T-shirt!
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  • For $1,200.00 or more

    Proprietary-friendly Data License: This will ensure that you are able to use all of this data in any way you like (except just offering it for direct download, etc etc) without concern that your own data/software would need to be released. If you want to build a proprietary product with this data set, this backing level is for you.
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  • For $5,000.00 or more

    Stretch Partner -- Help us decide what the stretch goals should be and receive full credit for doing so!
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  • For $10,000.00 or more

    GRAPH YOUR NETWORK: If you want your own network of doctors analyzed using our GUI tools (including the graph laid out on a map) This is for you. Includes 10 hours of on-site consulting.
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