Message in a Melody - A Fundraising Campaign for Mattel Children's Hospital

A project by Elizabeth Matusov

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  • For $5.00 or more

    MIM FAN: Your name will be part of our "MedStartr Supports" signature on the cancer wall. Thank You from, EDMC and everyone involved in cancer research. Every dollar helps and we'll be thinking of you as we dance!
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  • For $15.00 or more

    EMDC MP3: Relive the night's music! We'll send you an exclusive link to the set our student DJs play at the event. It will be an amazing and well-curated show, and now you can be a part of it!
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  • For $25.00 or more

    VIRTUAL DANCER: You're helping us make history as we fight pediatric cancer. We will send you a 4x6 postcard of our event, taken by one of our student photographers. This postcard will include a significant fact about Pediatric Cancer that touched us throughout this campaign.
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  • For $50.00 or more

    VIRTUAL VIP: You're contribution will go a long way with our research team. We'll send you a few 4x6 pictures of our favorite moments from the night, with our setlist for the night on the back, as well as a handwritten note from our team.
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  • For $100.00 or more

    BIGGEST FAN: We can't thank you enough for your support - but we can try. Enjoy a custom USB made by EDMC at UCLA, jam packed with songs from our show and photos to match. You'll feel like you were right there with us!
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  • For $250.00 or more

    Silver Record: Your work will help our research lab get the materials they need to find a cure. You'll receive our custom USB, as well as an exclusive poster from our show.
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  • For $500.00 or more

    GOLD RECORD: You'll receive all of the above, and a special video recording of us thanking you for all your hard work. We will be sure to send a shoutout to you during the show, and thank you for all your efforts.
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  • For $1,000.00 or more

    PLATINUM SPONSOR: You'll receive all of the above AND have you, your business or organization on our website, Facebook page, and specially thanked on our social media outlets for your immense contribution to fighting Pediatric Cancer.
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