Saving 100 Lives With The Patient Pod

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  • For $1.00 or more

    With You in Spirit! – Add Your Voice to the Call for Better, Safer Health Care! Receive karmic points and eternal gratitude.
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  • For $10.00 or more

    Double High Five! Receive a Free Download of Tip List for a Better, Safer Hospital Stay.
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  • For $25.00 or more

    Patient Advocate! All of the Above PLUS Public Thanks on Facebook + 10 Custom Universal Remote Control Covers (to promote hygiene wherever you are!).
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  • For $50.00 or more

    Advocate Plus! All of the above PLUS a Pod of your Own!
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  • For $100.00 or more

    Advocate Premier! Holiday Special "Give a Pair, Get a Pair". All of the Above PLUS Gift Pod for Grandma PLUS a Signed Copy of Book, "If IKEA Designed Health Care: 9 Ways to Tap the Power of Patients."
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  • For $150.00 or more

    Champion of Safety! Give a Trio, Get a Trio. All of the Above PLUS an Additional Pod (3 total) + 15 minute private consultation via Skype or Phone with Pod Creator, Pat Mastors.
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  • For $200.00 or more

    Captain of Advocacy! "Give Four, Get Four." All of the Above PLUS Additional Pod (4 total) + Public Video Shout Out to You or Your Organization on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.
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  • For $250.00 or more

    HOSPITAL REWARD – Startr Pack – 10 units Want to have the most patient-friendly hospital around? Give out 10 Patient Pods which will arrive displaying your customized logo and message. Ship us your brochures and we’ll pack them inside too along with sanitizers, remote control covers, communication tools, and more to reduce nosocomial infections vastly. Your patients and nursing staff will absolutely love it! Change your hospital for the better overnight. Try it for your next 10 patients and watch your Patient Satisfaction go through the roof and your infection rates go down.
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  • For $650.00 or more

    PHYSICAN PRACTICE AWARD – Do you want your patients to have a more succesful trip to the hospital? Buy a case of 36 units which will arrive with your custom logo designed and inserted, packed out with your own brochures/information of choice. Take the best possible care of your patients and differentiate your ortho, oncology, plastic surgery, OB or other practice from the competition. Your brand will be walking around in the community on the walkers, wheelchairs and baby strollers of your satisfied patients!
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  • For $1,250.00 or more

    10 of 10 available
    HOSPITAL REWARD – 50 PODS and a PAPER - All the benefits of the Hospital Startr Pack PLUS we will collaborate, co-author, and crunch the numbers on a study based on your hospital. Earlier smaller scale pilot studies have shown that Patient Pods help reduce nosocomial infection rates, reduce readmissions, speed recovery, and improve patient satisfaction scores but now it is time to scale it up and we want to partner with YOU on it. We have designed a study to coincide with our next Patient Pod shipments and are looking for a few Leading Hospitals to also help lead the study. Whether it is HCAHPS scores you want to emphasize or an independent metric, this reward is a great way to show Your Medical Center cares about making patients healthier and happier and publishing the data about YOUR initiative.
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  • For $2,500.00 or more

    HOSPITAL REWARD – 150 PODS + A PAPER All the benefits of the previus PAPER reward, but bigger and better! We already have some great data that shows this works so go full in for a unit or two for a month and you will change your hospital's outcomes and image for the better. Do it in time for the Holidays and we will include holiday cards in every Pod. You already bought those sanitizers that hang on the wall everywhere, now go to the patient with the same. As noted previously, we will also run a study with your team and help you show the world the positive steps you are taking to help patients have a better hospital stay.
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  • For $5,000.00 or more

    1 of 1 available
    The IN-SANA-T PARTNER REWARD – For a Sanitizer Company - Do you want your hand sanitizer or wipes introduced to patients and hospitals everywhere? Be included in our Pods and get exposed. You will be our exclusive Sanitizer provider to introduce thousands of the right people to your product? In addition to the $5,000 you are also committing to provide 2 oz bottles or multi-wipe packets of your sanitizing solution (subject to review) free of charge for the first 1,000 units.Your product will also be named in the studies and we will provide data you can publish on the efficacy of your product in our studies.
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  • For $35,000.00 or more

    5 of 5 available
    HOSPITAL REWARD — OWN your hospital group’s # 1 market position! 3,000 Patient Pods custom-designed in your preferred shape and color, with custom silkscreen logos and private label content. Our designers will work with you so your Pods arrive any way you want ‘em. Allow 8-10 weeks for delivery upon final design approval. Reduce infection rates, improve patient satisfaction and send unique “walking billboards” out into your community. Includes an efficacy study we co-design.
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