Make Medical Care Prices Fair for Doctors and Patients

A project by Alex Fair

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    PATIENTS: If you want to be able to use FairCareMD we need your support. We have helped over 100,000 people find care for less but have not taken a dime from patients. If you think FairCareMD is important and want it to exist, please support us with a small donation.
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    Get Your "I am Part of the Solution" FairCare Price Transparency Revolution T-shirt. Designed by Regina Holliday, just by wearing this shirt to your next doctor's visit or at work you will be helping the cause. Click the link below of the update tab to see it now! <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
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    Patients Who Need Fair Care Now: We will locate for you, anywhere in the country, up to three fair fees for the care you need. We have done this for hundreds of patients and we have saved people thousands on their care. Our trained Patient Advocates will call to interview you and then talk to every provider on your behalf, respecting your privacy. We will then send you a detailed report of result, usually with several excellent local options.
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    ADVERTISERS to PATIENTS Provide your 180 x 600 tower ad, target your audience and we will deliver 100 views per dollar pledged. That equates to a $10 CPM, much reduced from the industry average. Since we are making the largestcontent filled medical site in the world, we can deliver too. Targeting by topic also available.
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    Doctors Get your practice set up and rise to the top of Google searches and patient searches on FairCareMD. Professional marketing copy editing and upload as many photos and videos as you like. New Patients Guaranteed! No monthly fees for a year! Total package would cost over $2,500 on other sites, which we do not think is fair.
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    Medical and Dental Practices: Photo/ Video Shoot Package. Get Your Practice Set up Online in Style! With a professional Photo and Video Shoot, Professional Marketing, and a complete profile on FairCareMD your practice will look outstanding AND you will be helping fix the pricing problem in healthcare. Your practice will be more efficient and you will get more patients ready to pay you fairly - unlike many insurance companies or government programs. Did we mention you also get to dominate Google search results in your area? Results vary, but this is quite often the case. This reward includes ten custom written offers by professional marketers and up to three providers fully set up with a subscription for two years. Put your practice first, get more patients ready to pay a fair price for your work, and help take back control of medicine.
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    Provide summary data by procedure how much cash based patients are actually paying for care. With thousands of deals done, we know this like no one else anywhere. All data is summarized by procedure code and region. No patient or provider data is allowed.
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