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A project by Sarah O'Leary

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  • For $10.00 or more

    10 for 10 - Your $10 donation gets you 10 minutes with one of our experts. Have one question about a bill, want a quick strategy session? Get that nagging "what should I do now" question answered or have us do a quick search on the cost of a procedure or prescription, or just have it "just in case". This gift comes with a nifty magnet for your fridge that reminds you about us when you need us. Thank you for your support!
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  • For $50.00 or more

    999 of 1000 available
    HIRE US FOR AN HOUR - Supporters who contribute $50 or more receive a free "Health Plan Check-Up" or one hour of expert assistance from one of our ExHale Experts. Have a pesky bill you've been avoiding? Help us and we'll help you!
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  • For $100.00 or more

    2 + 1 = AWESOME - Two Hours for You, PLUS An Hour for Someone Who Needs Your Help (a $200 value!) Help yourself and help someone less fortunate. ExHale Health receives calls every week from people across the country who are completely overwhelmed and financially tapped out by their medical bills. By investing $100, you’ll allow us to help you and those who can’t afford to pay for our services.
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  • For $101.00 or more

    DOCTOR STARTR PACK: Help your patients navigate their healthcare more efficiently and effectively. By supporting ExHale Health, we’ll give your patients 25% off our standard rates and send you our Startr Pack to put on your counter and help patients get started with us.
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  • For $200.00 or more

    GO VIP - Get a one year Membership by investing $200 and you can access ExHale Health’s VIP membership for the year. A typical VIP membership costs $500 and saves people three times that amount on their medical costs. VIP membership includes: • A “health insurance policy check-up”, where our healthcare insurance marketplace experts expert weighs your insurance policy options and current choices based on your/your family’s individual needs • Enrollment into our VIP client program • Two hours with your expert (these can be divided into 15 minute increments) • 3 prescription checks (we’ll investigate up to three prescriptions to make sure you’re getting the best price in your area) and • 1 test/procedure price search of providers in your area.
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  • For $500.00 or more

    The VVIP - for Very Very Important Patients - All of the benefits of the $200 VIP Membership, PLUS one free hour for every additional $100 you invest AND 25% off all hours beyond that. This is a great value for families and those who have ongoing medical challenges.
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  • For $501.00 or more

    DOCTOR FUNDR 10 PACK: How many times have you just said, "If only patients knew how to deal with insurance companies, these bills would have been paid!" Well, now you can outsource that training and assistance with our experts. Help your patients understand and fund their care responsibly. In addition to Startr Pack materials (counter display, brochures, and a wall poster) we will give patients you select 10 hours of complimentary services with our experts. When patients are paying too much overall for their insurance, hospitalizations, and other healthcare the result is slow or no payments to your practice. Fix that by selecting ten of your patients for our assistance and watch what happens to their medical bills. They will appreciate the help and fiscal stability our service brings so they can focus on getting better.
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  • For $2,501.00 or more

    DOCTOR PARTNR PACK - Want help getting insurance companies and patients to pay you fairly? We have had great success in working files you would typically send to collection with a more collaborative approach that starts with the patient. Send us 25 collection files and we will turn your headaches into recovery and help your patients better than ever. When you send a file to collections, you are also discouraging that patient from every seeing you again, many of whom may have been your patients for years. No doctor wants to do that. We help you get your patients back on track financially so that you can keep them on track physically. Note, we also will require 5% of the fees collected, half of our usual fee.
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  • For $5,000.00 or more

    PARTNERS: Show consumers you care about them! We will list you as a Corporate Contributor on our site and in appropriate media executions. (PLEASE NOTE: We cannot accept contributions from insurers, hospitals or other entities that might compromise the trust our clients place in us as their 100% unbiased advocates.)
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  • For $7,500.00 or more

    TAKE A MEETING WITH US: While MedStartr is not an Equity crowdfunding platform (yet), if you love our model and want to get involved, let's talk. Take this reward and we will call you immediately. Don't worry, no money will change hands through the platform and a greater level of due diligence and documentation will take place offline. This is NOT a solicitation for equity, merely opening a discussion to highly interested institutional, family, and friendly potential partners. Our team will fly out and pitch or present to your Board as needed. This reward covers travel costs for that meeting.
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  • For $10,000.00 or more

    PARTNERS: All of the above and can use our brand in its marketing materials and media, with our prior approval. Your employees will also receive 25% off our hourly rates, and we will give a 4-hour seminar to your employees on how they can save time and money on their healthcare.
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