Hacking HIPAA

A project by David Harlow

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  • For $1.00 or more

    Receive our eternal thanks and sleep well in the knowledge that you helped change healthcare for the better.
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  • For $50.00 or more

    Get the t-shirt that all of the top health care innovators will be wearing this season.
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  • For $100.00 or more

    Access to the CNPP before the HIPAA Omnibus Rule compliance date.
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  • For $115.00 or more

    All of the stuff at the $100 level plus the amazingly awesome but not-yet-designed backers' t-shirt
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  • For $500.00 or more

    Above, plus a telephone consultation with David Harlow regarding the CNPP form after it is complete. This is not a legal consultation.
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  • For $1,000.00 or more

    1. Above, plus a telephone consultation with David Harlow before the CNPP form is complete, so that your particular issues may be considered in the development of the CNPP form. 2. Comment access to the CNPP form (via Google Drive) 3. If $15,000 or more is raised, then above, plus input into selection of three additional states’ laws to be addressed in the CNPP form. 4. If $20,000 or more is raised, above, plus input into determining additional stretch goals.
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  • For $5,000.00 or more

    GET YOUR OWN STATE - For those outside of Texas, New York or California, when you get this package we will drill down and give you an iron-clad version for your state. This level will allow you to add any single state or U.S. jurisdiction to those that we will build out. Great for state-based agencies, EDCs, consortiums, or large companies that want to make sure their state is included in the design of the documentation and systems. Caveats apply, but if this is important to you, this is the level for you.
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  • For $5,000.00 or more

    YOUR OWN SPECIAL VERSION - Designed for your specific technical platform or approach, beyond cloud hosting, plain text email, SMS and two-way video that you would like thought through and developed just for your company. Buy this level to have David consult with Ian and Fred (the technical advisers for the project) about your specific brand of technology goodness.
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