AMVIT-Alzheimers Music Video and Image Therapy

A project by Michael Antonucci

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  • For $5.00 or more

    Every Little bit helps! You will have our sincere appreciation. We will also post a thank you on our social media sites with a mention of who your donation honors.
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  • For $20.00 or more

    TWO MONTH Subscription to AMVIT for your parent, friend, patient, or other loved one as well as our sincere Thanks and Mentions as described above.
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  • For $50.00 or more

    SIX MONTH Subscription to AMVIT, our sincere Thanks and Mentions as described above.
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  • For $100.00 or more

    ONE YEAR subscription to AMVIT for you and your friend or loved one. This enables you to assemble and curate unlimited playlists of audio, images and video that will help bring back the memories.
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  • For $150.00 or more

    FAMILY-PHYSICIAN-PATIENT PACKAGE - The same as above, but includes usage reporting automatically sent to the Physician and three family members of the patient's or family member's choice. Reports show hours of play, interactions per hour, most interacted media, and time outs.
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  • For $300.00 or more

    PHYSICIAN PILOT PACKAGE - Be part of our efficacy study and help write our first paper. This package enables your practice to give out five one year subscriptions to AMVIT. AMVIT team members will provide training to your patients and access to data and reports to you and the family members designated.
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  • For $500.00 or more

    PHYSICIAN PARTNER PACKAGE - Get involved on a deeper level in the Pilot and help us work on the data, reporting, and the protocols. You will be able to help up to ten patients with one year subscriptions. Your Practice will be listed in our AMVIT Partners with a full profile about your practice and is eligible to be a part of the clinical study.
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  • For $1,000.00 or more

    NURSING HOME/ LTC RESELLER PACKAGE - Give your Nursing, Art, and Activities Directors a great new tool to help your patients suffering from Alzheimer's. This package includes a webinar training session for your team and 200 months of subscriptions for your residents.
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  • For $2,500.00 or more

    SPONSOR THE STUDY - Help us reach our goals of helping as many people suffering from Alzheimer's as fast as can. We will list you or your organization as a Sponsor of the Study on the paper as well as on a number of additional publication locations.
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  • For $5,000.00 or more

    4 of 4 available
    PARTNER-DISTRIBUTOR - Do you run an online community with many people learning about Alzheimer's? Why not offer access to AMVIT? In return, you will be allowed to distribute 100 copies of AMVIT with our full support.
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