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    I WANT MY HIBC.TV! Show your love for this idea and get your Guide to programming emailed to you weekly.
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    SUPPORT THE LIVESTREAM! Did you know that a dedicated line for livestreaming at hotels where conferences are generally held can be as much as $700? We didn't until recently. So even though we borrowed awesome equipment from and we have a full team on site in DC, we may just need to record the video and post it later. If you want to change that, support this project here and now and we will be able to buy the line. You will get our thanks, expressed as a tweet to at least 25,000 people in healthcare. This Massive Thank You Tweetfest also applies to all of the below rewards and will come from @2Healthguru, @DocWeighsIn, @UncleNate, @MedStartr, @alexbfair @HIBCtv @OpenAffairstv @H2NYC and several other friends and supporters. You have seen what HIBCtv delivers, if you want it to be all it can be, please show your support.
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    I WANT TO EMBED - This reward allows you to publish our live and recorded feed on your site 24/7 using a customized widget we provide.
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    SPONSOR-A-SHOW - Want to get your message out to a much broader audience? Sponsor a HIBC show or event and we will show your 30 second commercial three times per hour for a month.
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    EXCLUSIVE SHOW SPONSOR Do you want your brand to get an exclusive, all the ad slots for four episodes? Pick a show to sponsor and be part of the Magic!
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  • For $4,750.00 or more

    ONE FULL DAY OF HIBC-TV Coverage for your live event. Does not include travel costs. Does include videography for three stages, interviews and up to fifteen hours of lightly edited footage with bumpers and features listed at left. You retain all rights but agree that we can show the content on as well.
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