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    Tax Deductible Donation: If you love what we are doing, show your love by putting your name on a Tax-Deductible donation to the cause. Your Support is creating a wave that is changing how people think about funding healthcare projects and companies, building a Tidal Wave of Innovation. THANK YOU! (note, tax deductible donation empowered by soon to be announced partnership with a 501c(3) organization)
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    One Free "I am part of the Solution!" MedStartr T-Shirt designed by Regina Holliday. See Updates for Design and to enter the Cool Caption Contest
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    One Free "I'm a MedStartr" T-Shirt or Poster designed by the awesome Dr. Nima Shiekholeslami of
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    Free Ticket to a MedStartr Local Event where you can meet local MedStartrs + a T-Shirt
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    MedStartr Local Event Exhibitor Booth - one 6 foot table at an event with at least 200 attendees, many of whom will be interested in your product or service. Present your product or service and the Crowd can Crowdfund you right then and there! Coming Soon to a city near you!
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  • For $250.00 or more

    Free Project on Medstartr - no fees! Make one right now! + a T-Shirt + 2 Tickets
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  • For $333.00 or more

    INVESTORS - Do you want to invest in successful MedStartrs? Apply to join our MedFundr Program where you get exclusive access to our MedFundr investment platform just for investing in successful projects. Get access to the Entrepreneurs first through introductions and later through the MedFundr platform we are building now. Note: please do not take this reward if you have less than 1M in assets and under 200K per year in income. To see the full qualifications, please see the Reg D Qualifications as outlined by the SEC here: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
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    Free Event Booth Table OR Medstartr Project AND a Pebble Watch Signed by Pebble Founder Eric Migicovsky. Yes, THAT Pebble.
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  • For $1,000.00 or more

    MedStartr Startup Full Promotion Package: Video recording; Project Development, PR Planning, Partner Matching Program, Free Project, and Free Booth at Local event. + 3 T-Shirts + 5 Tickets
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  • For $1,776.00 or more

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    FOUNDING MATCHER: Support the development of, have a hand in designing, and get first access to the MedMatchr feature that enables any innovation funding organization to issue a grant challenge and let innovators compete right here on MedStartr to see who wins a Matching grant. The public votes and funds the innovation they believe is most important and you only fund projects that are well supported by the public. Can you imagine a more democratic way to fund innovation and use tax payer dollars?
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  • For $2,000.00 or more

    Original Work of Art by Regina Holliday about your healthcare innovation to improve care! + Free Project on Medstartr + 3 T-Shirts + 5 Tickets
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  • For $5,000.00 or more

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    FOUNDING PARTNERS: Be listed among our early supporters alongside some of the fortune 50 companies that are getting involved with Us. Get early access to the exclusive Partner Section of the site that allows deeper access to the MedStartr system and enables direct, private communication with the MedStartrs before, during, and after their projects launch. The MedStartr Partner program enables established Pharma, Insurance, Medical Device, and Health IT companies to utilize the MedPartnr Program to drive traction and pre-sales for companies in their innovation pipeline. Sponsoring MedStartr projects on a success-only basis takes the risk out of investing in startups. Most projects have Partner Rewards but the Partner Program enables your innovation team to participate in the process and pre-negotiate terms with the start-ups.
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  • For $25,000.00 or more

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    Exclusive Partner Program: Same as the MedPartnr Program, but for each industry Your Company is the only partner in Medical Devices, Pharma, Insurance, or other sub-sectors EXCLUSIVELY for one year. Includes being listed as a Founding Partner of MedStartr.
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