We have been fortunate to have attracted a great deal of attention from many different media outlets. Please be welcome to read through the many stories about us and our cherished MedStartrs. We are so proud of them!

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Press about MedStartr and our Projects

06/11/12 – MEDCITY News
Healthcare Crowdfunding Website Readies For Launch

06/11/12 – FierceHealthIT
Crowdfunding Site Wants Back Health It Startups

06/25/12 – WSJ Blog
Medstartr Thinks Crowdfunding Will Work For Med Tech

07/07/12 – FORBES
This Could Change Healthtech Startup Funding Forever

07/09/12 – Huffington Post
Crowdfunding May Revolutionize Healthcare Innovation Funding

07/09/12 – Mobihealthnews
Medstartr To Launch After Kickstarter Rejects Some Health Projects

07/09/12 – The Healthcare Blog
This Could Change Healthtech Startup Funding Forever

07/10/12 – Xconomy
MedStartr Offers Crowdfunding for Health IT Firms, Including Itself"disqus_thread

07/10/12 – The Healthcare Blog
Alex B Fair Talks Medstartr

07/11/12 – MedGadget
Medstartr A Kickstarter For Medicine Launches Today

07/11/12 – TechCrunch
Kickstarter, M.D.: Medstartr Finally Brings Crowdfunding To Health Projects

07/12/12 – UpStart
Medstartr Crowdfunds Healthcare Projects

07/13/12 – Columbus Business First
Endogoddess Asks The Crowd To Help

07/30/12 – Cognovant
Medstartr Crowdsourced Funding Created For Medical Projects

09/05/12 – Daily Crowd Source
Medstartr Picks Up Kickstarter Slack By Crowdfunding Healthcare

09/06/12 – Nature Medicine
Strapped For Funding, Medical Researchers Pitch To The Crowd

10/01/12 – INC
The Coming Revolution In Health Care

10/05/12 – EMR & HIPAA
Crowdfunding Healthcare Startups Medstartr And Indiegogo

10/16/12 – San Francisco Chronicle
Maryland Entrepreneur Launches Crowdfunding

10/18/12 – Elsevier Business Intelligence
Medstartr And The Brave New World Of Healthtech Crowdfunding

10/22/12 – NY Times Blog
Using Crowdfunding To Start A Company With A Cause

10/30/12 – Electronic Health Reporter
Healthcare Crowdfunding Hatched Passion Possiblity Health Tech Hatch

11/01/12 – MEDCITY News
Roizen Backed Venture Mixes The Arts Of Medicine And Smell For Clinical Aromatherapy For Hospitals

11/05/12 – The Healthcare Blog
Tracking The Social Doctor Opening Up Physician Referral Data And Much More

11/12/12 – Old Town Alexandria Patch
Rosemont Mom Inspired By Cancer To Start Bra Business

11/13/12 – Informatics for Consumer Health
Crowdfunding Healthcare Innovation: Q & A With Alex Fair, CEO Of Medstartr

11/14/12 – U.S. News and Health Reports
Doctor Referrals A Foundation For Evaluating Performance

11/14/12 – Memeburn
Mindshift How Crowdsourcing Allows For Disruption And New Ideas/

11/15/12 – GigaOM
Who Are The Doctors Most Trusted By Doctors Big Data Can Tell You

11/21/12 – Guardian
Crowdfunding For Innovation And Sustainability

11/21/12 – ABC News
Local Women Create Braggs Bras To Help Women With Breast Reconstruction After Cancer"commentformstory82309

11/27/12 – WIRED
Bringing Hidden Healthcare Data Into The Open

11/28/12 – GigaOM
A Gigaom Guide To Kickstarter Wannabes

11/30/12 – New Statesman
Can We Crowdfund Clinical Research?

12/06/12 – Mashable
8 Kickstarter Alternatives You Should Know About

Press Releases

06/11/12 – First Crowdfunding Survey of Healthcare Startups Shows Overwhelming Support

07/09/12 – Forbes Reports New Crowdfunding Medstartr Site Could Change Healthtech Startup Funding Forever

07/11/12 – MedStartr Launches First Crowdfunding Platform For Medical Startups

07/23/12 – $10 Million Crowdfunder Pebble Joins MedStartr For Panel 7/27 at mHealth World Congress

10/08/12 – Columbia Grads Use Male Condoms to Save Lives in Fight Against Maternal Mortality in Bangladesh: Startup turns to MedStartr to fund clinical trials of novel, low cost solution

10/09/12 – BRAGGS Free Mobile App to Help Fight Breast Cancer is Goal of HealthTegra Crowdfunding Campaign Now Live on MedStartr

10/17/12 HEALTHTEGRA Maryland Entrepreneur Launches Crowdfunding Campaign to Support his Revolutionary Fitness Product: the Ab Bed™

More coming every week so stay tuned!


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