How does Medstartr work?

Before submitting your project, learn a little about how Medstartr works.

Getting Startd on MedStartr is as easy as 1-2-3

1. The Basics: First tell us what you are doing, how much you need and set a deadline to reach this goal. Be conservative and just set the goal for the bare minimum amount you need to send the rewards and get to the next stage. Remember, this is not just raising capital, it is engaging the people who need your product or solution – patients, loved ones of patients, care providers, institutions, healthcare companies, employers,… you name it! They are coming to MedStartr to see what is next in the world of healthcare and looking for solutions to real problems.

2. The Rewards: Define who your project helps most and what they will get for backing you. In healthcare, consider that there are generally four types of people that want to help. They are the stakeholders who will benefit most from your creation:

Patients who want better health or care (note, through our partners or yours, these can be tax deductible donations too, though a tangible reward is nice)
Doctors who want to promote better health and be known to support and utilize the best new tools
Institutions like Hospitals and Medical Centers that want to provide the best quality of care, connect with their communities, be financially sustainable,and also want to be known for having the latest, greatest innovations in healthcare
Partners like Pharmaceutical, or Insurance companies who want to keep communities of patients healthier

For each group you identify, briefly describe how you can help them and offer your product tailored to their needs as an incentive for funding your efforts. Be creative and generous. These early adopters and customers are critical to the success of your project or business. Explain to each how you will help them meet their personal or institutional goals. This is healthcare and it matters, so be bold! With over 57 partnerships started already, we know it works.

2½. The Video: Once you have that all planned out, make a sincere video. To really do well, we recommend an engaging one. Make people laugh or feel, but please do not bore them. This can be done with a 1 dollar shave club style or even great talking head video. We also recommend including a demo using Screenr. Windows Movie Maker or iMovie are good enough for editing and easy to use. Fancy video tricks are not required, DIY is fine. The key thing is to get people to care about your project and make people understand how great your idea is and that you are the best person to make it happen. You can also review these great Video Making Guidelines. Upload it to Vimeo, Make it public and embedable, pick a nice image, and you are good to go! We also have a MedStartr School section on our site, so visit there if you have questions still or just call us at 530.633.7827 if you get stuck.

3. The Launch: Email, Call, Tweet, Post, Repeat! This is where that social media signon and all the PR you can muster really helps. If you activate your network and get them excited, they will activate their network and they will activate their network, and so on and so on until you have a world-wide support network and everyone thinks you are awesome and you get on ABC News. It is amazing what happens when a stadium full of people, mostly in healthcare, watch your video and read about your mission.

Not sure how to manage a social media campaign? Don’t worry, we have tweeple (twitter people) for that. We got over 750,000 impressions at our launch event and it just keeps getting better! With over 75 press stories about us and our clients, new waves come in daily, resulting in over half a million page views already. So grab your board and Ride the MedStartr wave!

Does it Work?
We have a pretty amazing track record, helping dozens of healthcare ideas get found and funded in record time (see them here.) In aggregate they have raised over 250K online and 8 million dollars offline. Over 65% of our projects are successful, about 8 times the average for healthcare projects on other crowdfunding sites. We also have helped most of the successful healthcare innovation projects you see on other crowdfunding sites too. Why do we do this? We do it because we want our clients to succeed wherever they are. Healthcare innovation projects are too important to fail so we are with our clients every step of the way. Read more about our model and service levels on or just read through the FAQs.

Still not sure how it works? Don’t worry, just fill in the blanks and we will call you to help supercharge the project! Our team of MBAs and Mentors have been there and done that and will help make your ideas POP! We can also reach out to the right partners on your behalf and make amazing things happen. Organizations like GE, Sierra Wireless, Aetna, Cancer101, Health 2.0, EverydayHealth, the US Government, and 51 others have stepped up and partnered with us or our clients in our short tenure. Now all we need is you and your great idea to help improve care!

Ready? Let’s Get Startd!


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